We love to share our creativity and knowledge for embroidery!

In collaboration with other brands and companies we often develop a custom made collection. From exclusive embroidery designs, to the production of the items. We’ve worked together with Burgerking, Bever, Naturalis, Blue Loop Originals, Gleneagles, AS Adventure and Bacardi. Are you also interested in a custom embroidery design for your store, company or brand? Please contact us for more information: info@stitchamsterdam.com

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AHOY Pirate of Courage!
Two custom STITCH designs embroidered on our favorite hoodies.

In collaborations with one of the Participants for The Race Of The Classics Young Professional.


Stitch Amsterdam | custom pirate & mermaid design
BK-VEGGIE-PACK (2 of 7)-2


JOIN THE VEGGIE PACT. Burger King & De Vegetarische Slager joined forces for their VEGGIE campaign and asked Stitch Amsterdam to create these custom fanny packs. Each little bag was stitched with 14 different highly detailed patch designs. We used a special technique for all 14 patch designs. At our Haarlem studio, we were able to produce all the lovely details for every patch. Our tailer attached each patch to our organic canvas bags, using a special single stitch technique. We’re extremely proud of the result. It was an exciting collaboration with lots of new challenges.


She is 198 cm long, 184 cm tall and weighs roughly around 400 kg. We are talking about the Mola Mola sunfish which washed ashore on Ameland, a small island in the Netherlands. This very impressive fish will be set up in Naturalis, the biodiversity museum of the Netherlands in Leiden. To welcome this newcomer into her new home, Stitch Amsterdam designed an exclusive collection inspired by this mysterious animal of the sea. Discover the full collection at the museum or in one of our stores. 

Stitch amsterdam X Naturalis - maanvis
collaboration - gleneagles foto's_Tekengebied 1

STITCH / Gleneagles

Gleneagles is a luxury hotel, spa and golfing destination in the heart of the Scottish countryside. Together with Gleneagles we’ve designed and stitched a complete collection for their hotel stores.

The embroideries for this exclusive collection are inspired by some of the favourite characters found around The Glorious Playground.

STITCH / Bever / Blue Loop Originals

Inspired by the outdoors, Stitch Amsterdam designed three embroidery designs for this unique collab: “Memorial tent moment “, “bikepacking adventure“ and “Hiking Journey”. The sweaters were produced by Blue Loop Originals and made from recycled materials. The collection was exclusively available in 40 Bever stores.


collaboration - bever foto's_Tekengebied 1_Tekengebied 1
Blue Loop x Stitch amsterdam collabs_Tekengebied 1

STITCH / Blue Loop Originals

Je nieuwe trui gemaakt van … oude zeilen, jeans, flip flops en wandelschoenen? Je kan het zo gek niet bedenken, maar Blue LOOP Originals doet het. Voor dit mooie circulaire outdoor merk, van Nederlandse bodem, heeft Stitch Amsterdam meerdere collecties ontworpen. De borduur designs zijn geïnspireerd op het plezier in het buitenleven. De sweaters & t-shirts zijn van oude jeans & textiel gemaakt en worden volledig in Portugal geproduceerd. De collecties zijn in meer dan 150 winkels wereldwijd verkrijgbaar.

Custom company swag

for Bacardi x Martini.

Tote bags, beanies & sweaters

Bacardi | Summer Fun
Fairytabs website collab

STITCH / FairyTabs

Fairtytabs, the plastic free tooth paste for our little ones, has expanded their collection with their own Stitch items. The four mascots of Fairytabs, Zeppe the fish, Joni the Shark, Otis the crab and Peter the walrus, are embroidered on organic t-shirts & sweaters, in our local embroidery studio in Haarlem. 

Bever Patch for Future Friday

Stitch Amsterdam | Custom Bever patch


For a longer life plan of clothing, Stitch Amsterdam designed and produced a custom patch. Customers were invited into the Bever stores to maintain and repair there beloved clothing with this custom patch.

Let’s reverse Black Friday into Future Friday.



Get out of the way for Gino,

our Italian sprinter

Gino sprinter-06049


The mascotte of Cycling Lifestyle are stitched on very comfy hoodies. Made for the real cycling lovers.

Exclusive available in the CyclingLifestyle store.


collaboration - Jett Rebel foto's
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