Let’s make fashion more fun and durable!

Stitch Amsterdam is a creative embroidery studio and clothing label founded by Lonneke van Kuijeren in 2020. Lonneke was driven by the need for more creativity and style in sustainable clothing. We are based in the bustling heart of Haarlem and recently opened our new store in De Kleine Houtstraat 18. All our items are bespoke and stitched on demand in our local studio. We embrace the slow fashion movement. We use mainly organic materials to develop well-made, durable items that are cherished and loved for a long time. Besides our own collection, we also collaborate with other brands and companies to develop unique embroidery designs. Have a look at some of the collaborations we’ve done in the past here

Embroidery Studio & Store

Stitch Amsterdam specializes in high quality embroideries and we can assist b2b clients to develop custom embroidery designs. Unfortunately it’s not possible to stitch single custom items, simply because it takes at least half a day to turn a design into a new embroidery. Besides our own sweaters, t-shirts and kids’ basics, we also embroider other apparel. We often work with sustainable suppliers who have a wide assortment of sustainable clothing. For more information about custom requests please contact us via info@stitchamsterdam.com.


The Brand

Our roots are based in Amsterdam and we share a big love for everything quirky. Our designs are made for young and old and inspire people to enjoy life just a little bit extra. Let’s roll with our roller-skating boys or catch some waves with our surf granny! All these hotshots are ready for a big adventure. The full collection is available at our online store and in our Haarlem boutique at Kleine Houtstraat 18, Haarlem. We are also very proud of the beautiful partner boutiques around the world who represent and stock our Stitch items. Interested in becoming one of our retailers? Contact us via info@stitchamsterdam.com and we’d love to discuss new opportunities.

Why Embroidery

Stitch Amsterdam has a big passion for contemporary embroidery. Embroidery is one of the oldest art forms and we’ve revived it in a modern way. The color options are endless with mat, wool, metallic, neon and even ‘glow in the dark’. On top of that, embroidery is one of the most sustainable techniques to personalize apparel. There’s no use of chemicals, it is wear-resistant and stays beautiful even after many washes. We use high-quality Madeira threads, resistant to washing temperatures of up to 95°C.

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